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What to Text After First Date? 10 Rules That You Need to Know

Feeling ecstatic after the first date? The real struggle, my dear friend, has just begun. If you considered going on a date stressful, be ready for the Cold War and the inner turmoil that you are going to face now.

Should I text? Must I wait? Is it too early? What must I say? What if there is no reply? Am I being too clingy? A great post-date conversation could be the beginning of something special. And so if you are wondering what to text after the first date, here is the tea.

Who Should Text First After A Date?


There is no unbending rule about who must initiate a conversation first. After all, both of you took the time off your schedules, dressed up, looked good, and made each other feel great.

In fact, it is rude not to have a short conversation. Just a simple “Hey, thank you for tonight, had a great time” would be great. Also, if you receive a text, do not forget to reply.

When to Text After A First Date?


While there is no definite rule that you have to follow, you want to be polite. So wait for a few hours after your date and send a small text out of courtesy.

So, if you had a morning date, text the same afternoon or evening. If you had an afternoon date, text in the evening or the next morning. And if you had an evening or night date, send a text the next morning or afternoon.

It is the best way of getting the conversation going, testing the waters, and seeing how they feel about it.

And as mentioned before, if you have already received a text, respond. Don’t try to play hard to get—that is overrated. Respond as early as you can. If they have messaged you, it means they had a nice time; waiting a day or two to text back is not going to help your case.

What to Text After The First Date? 10 Rules and Example Texts

First Date

Post-first-date messages can get on your nerves, especially if you connect with the person. However, you don’t need to fret, stay calm, and think about your date — how it went, how you felt about it, if they made you laugh and if you were comfortable. But if you are one of those overthinkers, we might have some suggestions up our sleeves.

1. Be Cool about It

Maybe you just loved everything about your date, but you do not have to express it. It might overwhelm the opposite person. So, keep it short and cool and just express that you had a great time. It is a good start to ask to spend some more time together, perhaps a second date?

Hey. Enjoyed the time we spent together. It would be nice to see you again.

2. Message Length Is Important

This one is a no-brainer. When your long descriptive texts are answered with short replies, the person does not share your sentiment. So, first off, keep your message short and your tone light. But if you send long messages and they reply with short texts, change your tone. Mirror their texting length.

Really had a nice time yesterday. Remember the great Thai place I was talking about? Would you like to hang there sometime soon?

3. Your Sense of Humor Is Your Best Buddy

A date that makes you laugh, especially on the first one, is unforgettable, and so are the jokes. It helps you to connect and makes room for plenty of conversation. If you remember a particular joke or incident that made you both laugh, including it in a humorous way in your text will be amazing.

I am still laughing over (recount the incident). Last night (incident) was too funny. I Had so much fun.

4. Casually Drop “Second Date”

We are in the modern phase of dating, where there is no room for hesitation. If you like someone, there is no sense in beating around the bush. Be the one to initiate a second date and let your date know that you are interested in going out again.

Remember that new Indian restaurant we were talking about? How about we meet there this Friday?

5. Tell Them You Enjoyed Yourself and Their Company

Remember to appreciate their company. Almost everyone is extremely nervous on their first dates. So if someone appreciated your company when you were a nervous wreck, it matters a lot. So, if you are nervous about asking for a second date or unsure if you want to meet up again, at least send a sweet text expressing your appreciation.

Had a really nice time, hope to see you again.

6. Text Something Relating to Your First Date

When you remember something that your date had said, it means you were paying attention and genuinely interested in what they were saying and not just listening to respond. So, if your date mentioned something about a hobby, their preference, or even a past incident, try to include that in your message.

Hey, you were talking about how bad you were in the kitchen. Well, I feel bad for you, why not come over so I can teach you one or two tricks.

7. Don’t Text Too Often

Remember, you just had one date. No one likes a partner who is constantly pinging them or responding right away. So, if you are having a chat, it is okay to respond immediately, but if you get a text out of the blue, you do not have to leave everything to start a conversation.

8. Don’t Lie If You Didn’t Like It

Understandably, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but you do not want them to get a false impression either. You can sweetly and subtly let them know that you are not interested in another date, especially if they are hinting at one.

Hey. Thanks for going out with me. But I don’t feel like going on a second date. Wish you well.

9. Don’t Be A Pushover

If you are unsure about how your date felt, keep the text neutral and open so they can respond accordingly.

Hey, thanks for tonight. It was fun knowing you.

10. Text According to the Situation

If you are unsure about the date, give yourself a little time and stay positive. You could even suggest a second date that will be the final decision-maker. However, don’t lie about your first date. If you didn’t like it, you do not have to lie, just do not have a conversation about it.

Looking forward to getting to know you a bit more. Care for a movie?

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