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12 Plants That Like Direct Sunlight to Ensure Their Growth

All plants need sunlight to survive. While some prefer low light levels, others thrive in more than six hours of direct sunlight. So, if you live in an area where the sun is always shining and want to add more plants to your collection, you’re in luck!

Here’s a list of some of the best plants that like direct sunlight and are perfect for creating lush foliage in your backyard or adding to your plant boxes. Just remember that although these plants love the heat and the sun, they also need some TLC and plenty of water, especially during dry spells.

12 Plants That Like Direct Sunlight

#1. Sunflowers


Sunflowers, true to their name, thrive in direct sunlight. This flowering plant has a particular need for the sun; the more sun it gets, the more beautiful and radiant it becomes. Sunflowers also require minimal maintenance because they’re not picky or sensitive to the soil you use. But you will need to learn about its watering needs to make sure it blooms.

Sunflowers also come in different sizes, from dwarves to variants that can measure up to 12 feet tall! And contrary to the belief that sunflowers are just yellow, some variants sport a burgundy-red hue or an orange-like color.

#2. Angelonia


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Also called the summer snapdragon, this gorgeous plant loves being directly under the sun. If you live in a hot and sunny area and don’t have enough space for large plants, the Angelonia may be the perfect plant for you. It can grow up to 18 inches tall and sports stunning bluish-purple flowers when it blooms.

The Angelonia can thrive and flourish even if it is in a small container or typical planter and only needs to be watered once weekly. To make it look more appealing, you can layer your flower beds so that each plant is highlighted and visible when it blossoms.

#3. Black-Eyed Susan

Black Eyed Susan

Image source: Pinterest

Undoubtedly one of the easiest flowers to grow, the Black-Eyed Susan loves direct sunlight. It is common to see these plants in the fields, open woods, prairies, and even along the road. This wildflower is easy to care for and grows rather quickly in numbers, making it one of the recommended plants to spruce up your property’s fence line.

The Black-Eyed Susan starts to flourish by the end of summer until early autumn. It’s a versatile plant, and although it can tolerate being partially shaded, it won’t flourish as well.

#4. Marigold


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Marigolds may look delicate but these are tough flowers that are perfect to grow in your yard. With yellow, gold, orange, and white blooms, marigold can work as an ideal fence line plant as it thrives in a full day of sun.

It’s also recommended to use loamy soil that is a little loose for your marigolds to flourish. Apart from the stunning, colors, marigold flowers also have a unique fragrance that can keep deer and rabbits away from your property.

#5. Russian Sage

Russian Sage

Image source: Pinterest

If you have some empty spaces in your garden, consider investing in Russian sage. This plant spreads like wildfire, so you’ll have this beautiful perennial covering every corner of your backyard in no time.

When this plant fully matures, it can measure up to five feet. It is also drought-tolerant, so maintaining it requires little effort. During the summer, the Russian sage sprouts delicate bluish-purple flowers that maintain their vibrant color through fall.

#6. Calibrachoa


Image source: Pinterest

The Calibrachoa is also called the million bells plant because it explodes into beautiful blossoms that are shaped like bells. These flowers are best placed on baskets or in window fiberglass boxes, and you can mix and match the colors to create a beautiful bouquet.

While the Calibrachoa loves direct sunlight, it can still flourish under partial shade and is drought-tolerant. This plant needs regular watering, but be careful of overwatering because it can lead to rot.

#7. Basil


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Basil is a kitchen staple in many households and is used in various cuisines. It’s also a sun-loving plant that is fairly easy to grow. This plant likes warm temperatures and loves basking in the morning sun.

The basil plant can grow up to 18 inches tall, with sunlight being a major factor affecting its growth. Three to four hours of direct sun is enough for it to flourish, and although it can tolerate the scorching afternoon sun, it’s best to put it in the shade during the hottest hours of the day.

#8. Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Image source: Pinterest

The bird of paradise is a sun-loving plant that’s native to the South African tropics. It boasts a colorful flowerhead that resembles a tropical bird, hence the name. It needs to grow under direct sunlight to bloom because, although it can grow under partial shade, it won’t have the same vibrant color, height, or size as those that grow under direct light.

This plant also needs moist soil, so regular watering is necessary. You can plant different varieties of birds of paradise to enjoy a medley of flowers in different colors, ranging from muted grayish-green to deep green and blue-green.

#9. Caladium


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With heart-shaped green and white leaves sporting hints of pink, Caladium is a plant that makes a statement. It’s also very easy to grow in pots and flower beds or can even be incorporated into your landscape.

During the winter season, you can take them indoors as they make excellent indoor plants too. But as long as the sun is out, have your Caladium soak up to the sun for healthier growth. Remember to keep its soil watered as it grows better in moist, fertile earth.

#10. Stonecrop


Image source: Pinterest

Stonecrop, just like many other succulents, thrives under the heat and light of the sun. And if you live in an arid area, this is a must-have plant in your garden, offering a much more attractive option than grass or your other groundcovers.

This succulent is eye-catching thanks to its intricate shapes that can make your landscaping more interesting. It even produces small, delicate flowers that attract bees.

#11. Daylily


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Another perennial flowering plant that loves direct sunlight is the daylily. It’s one of the most popular low-maintenance plants that not only has very low watering needs, but it is also disease-resistant.

Daylilies also come in various colors, making them a viable choice for adding a splash of color to the green in your garden. These plants are drought-tolerant and love the full sun, but they do need a break from the scorching afternoon heat.

#12. Euphorbia


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Euphorbias need at least six hours of direct sun to flourish beautifully. The one-of-a-kind floral structure of euphorbias makes it a much-coveted element in ornamental gardens.

While the plant can survive in shaded areas, it’s best to place it where it can have proper sunlight. It also does not require too much maintenance. Just make sure you water it when the soil is dry, and you can expect it to grow healthy.

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