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All You Need to Know about “Mormon Gazing Party”

There’s been a lot of talk about Mormons partying on the internet lately. TikTok, especially, has gone crazy with hashtags like “Mormon gazing party”, “soaking”, and “dry humping”.

But what are all these terms? Before we learn about anything else, let’s first take a look at what a Mormon gazing party is.

What Is a “Mormon Gazing Party”?

There are many theories about what happens at a Mormon gazing party. While most seem to be hypothetical, with no evidence of such parties ever taking place, the main specifics are as follows.

• The group is divided according to sex, with the males forming one line and the females forming another and the lines facing each other.
• The lights are turned off. During this time, all the participants or partygoers undress completely.
• Lights are turned on for some time, and during this time, the partygoers can look at the body of the opposite sex standing in front of them.
It is important to note that there are some other rules as well.
• Participants cannot leave the line mid-party.
• Also, participants can only “gaze” at the opponents and touching is not allowed.
• The participants have to follow the procedure.

But where does this hypothesis come from?

If you don’t know about Mormons, here is a quick recap:

• Mormons are a religious group that believes in Christianity as well as revelations from the founder of Latter Day Saints (LDS), Joseph Smith.
• While the teaching and revelation had started around 1820, it was only after 10 years that the church was officially established on April 6, 1830.
• As of December 2021, there are around 16,805,400 members of the LDS church.
• Mormons consider themselves Christians, but many Christians do not accept them as an official denomination.
• Mormons’ beliefs include no consumption of alcohol or any other addictive substances like tea, coffee, and tobacco. They follow a strict and healthy lifestyle that revolves around the notion of doing good for the family and society and also missionary work.
• Mormons strictly believe in guarding their chastity before marriage, and teens are not allowed to date up to a certain age.

It is safe to say Christians are not fond of Mormons. When the religion was initially established, there were a lot of attacks on the religious group. There is still some animosity between the two religious sects to this day.

Many Mormon churches don’t even label themselves as “Mormon” for the mere reason that the word “Mormon” has been used in a derogatory manner.

So, the concept of the gazing party is that since Mormons are so strict about the “no sex before marriage” policy, they find other ways to satisfy themselves that would not affect their faith.

So, this so-called “Mormon Gazing Party”, is it even real?

Whether it is real or not cannot be determined. There is no historical or other evidence to show any such party ever took place.

However, one thing is for sure—even if anything close to the so-called “party” ever happened, it had nothing to do with the LDS church.

While the name may suggest it is a church-sanctioned or sponsored ceremony, a church or clergy would never approve of such an event.

After the attention around the gazing party, new hashtags started going viral on the internet in 2021. These seem to be talking about “soaking”, a Mormon teen sex act or ritual that they followed to go around the “no sex” rule.

Soaking is an act wherein the male penetrates the female’s vagina but doesn’t thrust. However, while the couple is wrapped in a blanket, one of their friends assists them by jumping on the bed. This jumping produces a “humping” effect and is also called “jump-humping”.

Soaking believes that no thrusting equals no orgasm, and so, no sex.

While some consider it a real thing known only to single college students and teens, others consider it a rumor.

In whichever case, the act must not be associated with Mormonism. They have strict laws about touching over or under clothes. And even the slightest act against the laws will require them to confess to the bishop.

However, as the posts have gone viral, more teens are coming into contact with the term, which can be very dangerous, especially for Mormon teens, as the post makes it seem like a Mormon ritual.

Parents of teens consider it to be misinformation spread purposefully to misguide and manipulate naive girls. Also, these acts can result in unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STIs.

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