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12 Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas to Get That Luxury Look

Good lighting can often elevate a space and make it look more inviting and warm. And since the kitchen is typically the busiest spot in a home, it’s important to ensure it’s properly lighted. A kitchen island is not only the centerpiece of the kitchen whether the family gathers around for good meals and lively conversations, but a well-lit kitchen island can also elevate the ambiance of your home.

To help you out, here’s a list of some incredible kitchen island lighting ideas that’ll help you make your kitchen island the heart of your kitchen.

12 Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

#1. Spider Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

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Making a simple but loud statement in the center of your kitchen island, spider pendant lights offer the versatility of choosing the distance and the height of every pendant light. As the name suggests, spider pendant lights come in batches. So, depending on the look you’re aiming for, you can use small or large pendant lights or a combination of different sizes.

With spider pendant lights, a major benefit is that you can make them work even if you don’t have high ceilings since it’s up to you to decide how high or low you want the lights to be suspended. And despite the varying distances and heights, it always creates a cohesive look.

#2. Pendant Lights


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Pendant lights are a standard kitchen lighting idea that looks functional as well as aesthetic. The lights hanging from your ceiling and over your kitchen island offer a clean and minimalist look. In pendant lights, the light is concentrated in one direction, making it perfect for lamp-like fixtures.

Based on the size of your kitchen counter, you can use several sets of pendant lights to illuminate your entire island. It offers a simple way to incorporate different brightness levels, from dim to extra bright, so that you can tweak it accordingly.

#3. Flush Mount Lighting

Mount Lighting

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Another excellent kitchen island lighting idea is a flush mount light fixture. This type of light fixture is closer to the ceiling, which is perfect if you don’t have high ceilings but would still want your kitchen island to be properly illuminated.

You can find mount light fixtures in a wide range of shapes, designs, and light colors. So, if you want to incorporate some unique elements into your lighting, this is the best way to do it.

#4. Chandelier


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Nothing screams luxury like chandeliers. This lighting fixture will easily be the centerpiece of your kitchen. You can go as extravagant as you want with your choice of a chandelier or opt for a minimalist and modern style.

However, chandeliers need high ceilings to get the full effect. You can have one eye-catching chandelier placed in the center or three sets of smaller chandeliers.

#5. Clear Glass Pendant Lights

Clear Glass

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If your kitchen mostly has natural lighting coming in, you can complement it with some clear glass pendant lights to have a clean, minimal vibe. The simplicity of the design speaks volumes while adding a lot of personality to your kitchen.

Since it is glass, it can also complement your kitchen interiors. Use bulbs that can be dimmed for a softer look, which will be perfect for romantic dinners and quiet nights in.

#6. Edison Bulb

Edison Bulb

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As the name suggests, this kitchen island lighting idea features the old-school Edison bulb with a classic yellow incandescent glow.

Although the main focal point here is the Edison bulbs, you can get creative and match it with light cage housing for a mechanical and industrial look or use glass enclosures to highlight that warm light.

#7. Task Lighting

Task Lighting

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Task lighting is the best choice if your kitchen island is constantly in use, be it for preparing meals, work, arts and crafts, or anything you can accomplish with a flat and wide surface.

Given that it is used to illuminate the task at hand, bright white LED lights are perfect for this lighting fixture.

#8. Brass Lighting

Brass Lighting

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Brass light fixtures can add a lot of elegance to a space. This material works best with marble countertops and hints of black to create a contemporary and classic look in your kitchen.

If you want to use brass as the overall theme of your kitchen and kitchen island, consider switching to bar stools with brass accents and sink faucets.

#9. Wood-Themed Pendant Lights

Wood Themed

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Wood always makes excellent accents to any home, and you can incorporate that in your kitchen island lighting fixture by using wood beads in your lights. By using subtle wooden elements, you can create a lovely bohemian and warm ambiance.

This kitchen island lighting idea also gives off a rustic feel and can complement any kitchen since it offers a neutral palette to work with.

#10. Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting

Image source: Pinterest

Accent lighting is similar to task lighting, projected to a particular area. Accent lighting is intended to enhance the overall aesthetic of a space rather than being functional. You can add this type of light on walls or corners of roof structures directly above your kitchen island.

Accent lighting is also great to set the mood as these kinds of lights are often adjustable. It can transform your kitchen island from being functional to a relaxing area.

#11. Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

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Not all kitchens have the luxury of vertical space, so if you are working with a low ceiling, recessed lighting can be an excellent addition to your kitchen island. Recessed light is a type of ceiling light incorporated into your ceiling or existing roof structure.

As it becomes almost part of your ceiling, no part of the lighting fixture protrudes. This is best incorporated with other lighting fixtures, so the kitchen ceiling doesn’t appear too flat. You can also opt for LED lights if you need intense brightness in your kitchen.

#12. Hand-Woven Rattan Lighting

Hand Woven Rattan Lighting

Image source: Pinterest

Rattan can make any space look cozy and homier. The simple but well-detailed rattan light designs can complement any kitchen interior.

It’s a great choice when you want to achieve a slightly traditional but well-textured functional fixture in your kitchen. This is best suited with adjustable bulbs, so when you are done cooking, you can dim your light and let the warm yellow glow of the lights illuminate your kitchen.

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