how does cord cutting affect the other person

How Does Cord Cutting Affect the Other Person?

Aside from the physical and emotional connection, two people can share their energies. This usually happens if you have a very strong relationship with someone. Deep emotions and time strengthen this connection. Unfortunately, not all relationships have their happily-ever-afters.

After a relationship, you may go through a whirlwind of emotions like feeling drained, angry, and lost. You could experience moments of regrets and what-ifs. This can be exhausting, negatively impacting your life and overall well-being. You may start exploring other ideas to feel better. One of the recommendations is cord-cutting. What is it and how does cord-cutting affect the other person? Keep reading to find out!

What Is Cord Cutting? Does It Really Work?

Cord Cutting

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Cord cutting is a ritual that aims to sever and disconnect your ties from a specific person, object, or situation that negatively impacts you, drains your energy, and is no longer beneficial to you.

By disassociating yourself, you can regain your freedom and leave behind all the negative emotions. This enables you to get your life back and start anew. It can kickstart your healing and recovery emotionally, physically, and energetically, paving the way to a future where you form better relationships and become a stronger individual.

Before going into the details of cord cutting, it helps to understand what the “cord” you are cutting is. The cord refers to the negative bond between two individuals. Usually, when you are in a relationship with another person, this attachment is formed and, over time, becomes stronger thanks to your shared experiences.

Two attachments are formed, one being the positive cord or the soul tie, which is strengthened by all the positive energies and emotions of the relationship. In contrast, the other attachment is the cord of attachment, made of all the negative dynamics of the relationship.

You can cut the negative cord, with the soul tie being forever there, even if you are no longer in a relationship with the person.

Many vouch for the effectiveness of cord-cutting. Sometimes, you simply need a visual representation of moving on and healing. This meditative ritual can provide you with that.

What Does Cord Cutting Look Like?

There are several ways to do cord cutting. Some practice visualization techniques that have them imagining a rope that is cut. Others prefer having a physical cord that they can actually sever.

Those who dabble in occultism may want to engage in more ritualistic exercises that employ tools like candles and sage. These practices can be done as often as you feel necessary.

Personal Benefits of Cord Cutting

Personal Benefits

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Why should you consider cord-cutting? Here are a few personal benefits that you can look forward to.

#1. Cord cutting triggers healing.

Cord cutting is known to help you heal and recover from trauma, betrayal, pain, abuse, and even loss. It is powerful enough to help you break free from co-dependency and addiction, make you accept yourself and your individuality, and remind you of your worth.

Going through cord-cutting at the right time and place can help you release those unwanted energies which may include guilt, doubt, and anger. Removing them can lead you to forgive yourself. When this happens, you will be ready to move on. You will be happy to leave behind a stage in your life without resentment and regrets.

#2. Cord cutting can be your first step to moving on.

Knowing and seeing in your mind that you have, at last, cut the cord that binds you to someone or a situation that’s holding you back can give you validation that it’s time to move on.

Without anything holding you back and with no ill emotions weighing you down, moving on can be more manageable and something you can be motivated to do for yourself.

#3. Cord cutting can help you attract positive energies.

Out with the old and in with the new. As you disassociate yourself from all the negative energies, you will absorb new ones — positive ones — as you move forward. These can include peace, happiness, and self-love — a few essentials for a more optimistic future.

Attracting positive energies can also foster your healing and allow you to grow not just emotionally but also spiritually. This can help you discover and align yourself with your needs, potential, and purpose. Your positive energy will also reflect in your interpersonal relationships and how you handle life.

#4. Cord cutting can make you realize life’s possibilities.

Looking back, how many opportunities have you decided to let go of? Or how often have you hesitated to embrace new experiences because of your past? Unhealthy relationships can make you hold yourself back instead of embracing all the good things that come your way.

With cord-cutting, you can better appreciate new opportunities, possibilities, and the potential growth they hold for you. You can also better understand that these are meant to be accepted, explored, and welcomed.

How Does Cord-Cutting Affect the Other Person?

Affect the Other Person

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Now that you know what cord-cutting can do for you, you may be wondering how it will affect the other person. Remember, a cord connects two people, but you can sever it. If you’re seriously thinking about engaging in the exercise, know that the other person won’t know that you’re planning to disassociate with their energy.

So, what happens to the other person once that spiritual link is cut? Truth be told, cord-cutting doesn’t affect the other person because they won’t know that you cut the cord. Some are not even aware that there is an energy tie that connects them to you.

Cutting the cord will affect you but not the other person because the cord will be cut from your end and not theirs. So, even if your end of the cord is already gone, the other person’s cord is still attached to them. The cord still exists, but only on one end.

While you can decide to cut the cord, they will have to make their own decision about what to do with the ties that are binding them to you.

But for those who have shared a bond for a long time, you can expect some effects on the other person, although this effect varies for every person.

Here are some ways it can affect former long-term partners.

#1. They may have a stronger/or no relationship with you in the future.

There are two opposing perspectives about future relations once a cord has been cut. Some believe that once you cut a cord with a specific person, you can never have a real and lasting relationship with them in the future. Hence, the bond can’t be reconnected again.

The other perspective believes in the complete opposite. It suggests that if the people who were bonded together meet and reconnect again, it can become a stronger and more beautiful bond.

Because of these contradictory schools of thought, the person bonded to you may either:

• Choose not to be with you, avoid you, and try not to cross paths with you.
• On the other hand, they can also be drawn to you for unexplainable reasons. Though the cord is cut, they may find ways to somehow be physically present in your life.

#2. The other person may sense unexplainable loss.

Once you have cut the cord, the other person may also feel an unexplainable feeling of loss and sadness. They may not be able to pinpoint why they suddenly feel down.

Usually, but not always, the other person might think of you after the cord of attachment has been cut and will try to reach out to you.

#3. The person may have a renewed motivation to move forward.

Cord cutting can also cause the other person to be engulfed by a new sense of purpose and drive to accomplish things. They feel “lighter,” as if a weight on their shoulders has been lifted. This is a relatively common feeling, especially if the negative energies between you have made both of you unhappy, feel unwanted, and lost.

Note that cord-cutting is not a form of forgetting or rejecting people, situations, and places that were part of your life. The intention is for you to get yourself back and choose what is best for you.

A Few Parting Words

It can be hard to move on when a relationship doesn’t work out, especially if you have been with a person for several years. If you’re concerned with how does cord cutting affect the other person, you don’t have to worry because the act only severs your tie to them and shouldn’t drastically affect them.

Whether you believe in negative energy or just want a symbolic way to release yourself from your previous relationships, cord-cutting could help you move on and embrace the future.

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