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How Did Mr. Krabs Die And Who Killed Him?

SpongeBob SquarePants became an instant hit with the audience from its very first episode in 1999. The yellow sponge captured the audience and has been consistently doing so for two decades now.

Mr. Krabs is a money-hungry crab who is also the employer of SpongeBob. And while he was not killed on-screen, a trial report for his murder at the hands of his fellow characters started doing the rounds on the internet in 2021.

If you are wondering “How did Mr. Krabs die?” and if you have missed any episodes—do not worry, Mr. Krabs does not die on-screen.

Let’s look at what the report is all about, but first, let’s learn more about the victim—Mr. Krabs.

Who Is Mr. Krabs?


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Nickelodeon’s animated series “SpongeBob SquarePants” revolves around a yellow absorbent sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea. In the series, the titular character can be seen annoying his neighbor, hanging out with his friends, or working at the Krusty Krab, a local burger joint.

Mr. Krabs, a character in the series, owns The Krusty Krab. His full name is Eugene Harold Krabs, and he lives in the anchor with his whale daughter, Pearl.

And, as we have already established, Mr. Krabs’ character is still alive on the show, but an 11-page pdf document named “The trial of SpongeBob SquarePants for the murder of Mr. Krabs” stated otherwise.

However, when you look through all 11 pages, you realize that the document has instructions and worksheets and talks about splitting the class into two teams—prosecution and defense.

The aim of the activity was to make students use the information given and employ logical reasoning to find the true killer of Mr. Krabs.

So, even though Mr. Krabs is still alive, we know you are a bit curious as to who killed the crab in the documents. If so, keep reading.

How Did Mr. Krabs Die?

Krabs Die

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The headline of the document clearly states that Mr. Krabs has been killed. According to the PDF, Mr. Krabs was found dead in his restaurant with his throat slit.

The scene cried “foul play,” and the coroner confirmed the same. He concluded that the victim was killed with a metal spatula, and one similar to the description was found next to the victim’s body.

Some observations and shreds of evidence include:

● A single cut to the throat killed the victim.
● Squidward, who rushed to the scene after hearing a scream from the restaurant, discovered the body.
● Blood loss was the cause of death.
● The back of the victim’s head displayed signs of blunt-force trauma.
● The death scene was slippery due to cooking grease covering the restaurant floor.
● There were several footprints in the grease, including that of the suspect—SpongeBob. However, his footprints were not present in the pool of Mr. Krabs’ blood.
● The scene was intact with no signs of break-ins. However, both Mr. Krabs’ safe with the Krabby Patty secret formula and the cash register were empty on police arrival.
● Mr. Krabs had a healing cut on his claw, indicating that it was from several days earlier and not related to the incident.
● Plankton had tried several times in the past to steal Mr. Krabs’ secret recipe. And just three days after Mr. Krabs’ death, Plankton started selling a crab burger recipe similar to Mr. Krabs’ secret recipe. However, no secret recipe was found when his home was searched. He testified that he created the recipe with the help of his computerized wife.
● At SpongeBob’s house, a spatula was discovered that had Mr. Krabs’ blood on it. It had the fingerprints of both the victim and the defendant. However, SpongeBob testified that Mr. Krabs had accidentally cut his finger and he had offered to take the spatula home and clean it, but he forgot.
● Apart from Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob was the only person who had the keys to the restaurant and knew the combination to the safe.
● Just two days after the victim’s death, Plankton paid SpongeBob’s remaining house loan. He said it was due to the goodness of his heart.
● Sandy testified that SpongeBob was in desperate need of money or the bank would take away his Pineapple house. In her statement, she also said that SpongeBob had asked for a raise, but Mr. Krabs denied it. She also mentioned that SpongeBob was pretty upset about that.
● In his testimony, Patrick claimed that SpongeBob informed him that Mr. Krabs was a pig and that he would regret not giving him a raise.
● It was confirmed that SpongeBob worked at the Krusty Krab for several years now, but never received a pay raise.
● SpongeBob acknowledged that he arrived at the restaurant early to meet Mr. Krabs and make one final request for a pay raise. When he denied it, SpongeBob testified that he told Mr. Krabs that he was quitting his job and he would not be able to find an equal replacement.
● Squidward confirmed that he saw SpongeBob come out of the restaurant at least an hour before he heard the screaming of Mr. Krabs.
● Patrick said that he visited Krusty Krab four hours before the incident. The restaurant was locked and upon knocking, an upset-looking Mr. Krabs came out and told Patrick that they were closed and would not sell any Krabby Patty again.

So, who killed Mr. Krabs?

While the title of the legal document points at SpongeBob as the criminal, he hasn’t been proven guilty, and the trial is still to take place.

The document leaves the final decision to the performance of the students. So, if the prosecutors win, SpongeBob is guilty, and if the defense wins, SpongeBob is innocent.

So, it is really the hard work of the teams that will decide the fate of SpongeBob. However, besides SpongeBob, there are three other suspects:

  • Squidward – Another employee
  • Plankton – The owner of Mr. Krabs’ rival restaurant
  • Patrick – An occasional Krusty Krab worker

Now that you have all the evidence and witness testimonies, who do you think is the killer?

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