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95 Unique Black Boy Names With Meanings

Choosing the name of your baby boy is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s a decision you’ll stand behind for life, so getting it right is critical. After all, you want his name to be special. It should have meaning for you while reflecting your culture and beliefs.

If you’re looking for African-American names to consider, this article is for you. From strong, unique and traditional names, we’ll help you find the perfect one for your precious bundle of joy.

95 Black Boy Names and Meanings

Cute Black Boy Names


Adorable names are always a popular option, but you have to be careful that the name will remain suitable once your little boy becomes a grown man. These cute black boy names can easily be shortened so you can make a more adorable nickname out of them. Then, as your little boy grows up, you can transition to their full name.

#1. Hassan

This name stands for handsome in Arabic.

#2. Tyrell

The name comes from a Scandinavian origin and it means stubborn.

#3. Chaquille

This name means attractive and has an Arabic origin.

#4. Ghalen

In Greek, this name stands for healer and calm.

#5. Omari

From the Swahili culture, Omari means flourishing and God is exalted.

#6. Justus

From the Latin word iustus, this name means upright and just.

#7. Colby

In Hebrew, this name means friend and beloved.

#8. Amari

Amari means eternal with African and Hebrew origins. Another popular variation is Aumari.

#9. Cameron

This name means crooked nose based on its Scottish and English meanings.

#10. Kai

A name that has Greek, Welsh, and Hawaiian influences, Kai means guardian or keeper.

#11. Jamar

Of English and Arabic origins, Jamar means handsome.

#12. Angelo

Of Greek and Latin origins, this name means an angel or God’s messenger.

Strong Black Boy Names


African culture is one of the strongest and lasting ethos in the world. All black boys deserve a strong name that highlights the nation’s bravery, resiliency, and formidable history. If you want strong black boy names that leave an impression, the following names are great options.

#13. Darius

This boy’s name is Greek and Persian which means maintaining possessions well.

#14. Dontrell

Rooted in Italy, this name means enduring.

#15. Eli

In Latin, Eli stands for my God.

#16. Ekon

This name has a Nigerian origin and means strong.

#17. Hakeem

In Arabic, this boy’s name means the wise one.

#18. Isiah

Of Hebrew origin, the name means God is salvation.

#19. Keenan

With Irish roots, Keenan means possession.

#20. Khalan

Having Kurdish origins, Khalan stands for a strong warrior.

#21. Malik

Malik, an Arabic word, means king.

#22. Tatum

Having Welsh and English roots, Tatum means a tightly enclosed homestead.

#23. Zhaire

With African origins, this name means the river that swallows all rivers.

#24. Kenan

This Hebrew name means to take possession.

#25. Demetrius

This Latin name means lover of earth.

#26. Isaac

This Biblical name has Jewish and Hebrew roots. It means rejoice and laughter.

#27. Javon

With roots that can be traced back to the Greeks, Hebrews, and Persians, it means gift of God or God is gracious in Hebrew.

#28. Dominique

Dominique is a French name that can also be spelled Dominic and Domenique. It means of the Lord.

#29. Jelani

Jelani is an African name that means strong, mighty, and great. It can also be spelled Jelanie and Jelaney.

#30. Khalil

Khalil translates to friend. It has Muslim and Arabic roots.

#31. Malachi

A Hebrew name, Malachi denotes angel or messenger.

Unique Boy Black Names


Nothing can be more appropriate for a special black boy than a name that showcases his ancestry and strong culture. These names are some of the most unique black boy names you can choose from.

Since names don’t have fixed spellings, you can put your own twist on them by altering their spellings.

#32. Dashaud

Although the origin of this name is unknown, it means strong and winner.

#33. Clévon

This Old English name associated that’s with Cleveland means a hilly area.

#34. A’dré

A variation of Andre, this name with French and Greek influence means man.

#35. Audell

The origin of Audell is unknown, but it stands for an old friend.

#36. Cevonté

With its African-American origin, this black boy’s name means generous and forgiving.

#37. Rashaun

In Arabic, Rashaun means warrior.

#38. Shadrias

This name means precious gift, but there are no specific details on its origin.

#39. Armel

Of Welsh origin, Armel stands for the bear prince.

#40. Ujunwa

This name has Igbo origins in Nigeria and stands for comes in abundance.

#41. Vashon

This African name means God is gracious and merciful.

#42. Simba

Simba is a Shona name that stands for strength.

#43. Dakarai

A name used by the Shona people in Southern Africa, it means strong charisma and confidence.

#44. Faraji

This name can be traced back to its Swahili origins. It translates to consolation.

#45. Ajani

In Sanskrit, this name means of noble birth and has African roots. It means one who fights for his possessions.

#46. Asaad

In Arabic, this name means fortunate.

#47. Keyshawn

Another Hebrew name with an American influence, Keyshawn stands for God is gracious.

#48. Jarel

This name is synonymous with being open-minded, strong, and brave in German.

#49. Kamau

In Kikuyu, Kamau means quiet warrior.

#50. Abidemi

Abidemi has West African origins. It means one with great strength.

#51. Abiola

Abiola means the clear one based on its Yoruba origins.

#52. Chiumbo

In Eastern Africa, this name means small.

#53. Kato

Originating from Luganda, Kato means the second of twins.

#54. Nuru

This Muslim name means born during the day.

#55. Abioye

Abioye doesn’t have a specific origin. It means son of royalty.

#56. Nnamdi

In Igbo, this name means my father is alive.

#57. Ameqran

From Tamazite, this stands for the eldest.

#58. Aaron

This name has Hebrew and Arabic origins. It means exalted and strong. It can also be spelled Aron.

#59. Jesiah

In Hebrew, this name translates to the Lord exists.

#60. Jahmir

This American name means God’s light, trustworthy, and loyal.

#61. DeAndre

This name has American and Greek influences. It denotes warrior, someone bold and courageous. The term can also be spelled as D’Andre.

#62. Chima

Another Igbo name, Chigma, stands for God knows.

#63. Chikonde

This is the Chewa name and translates to love.

#64. Birtus

This is the translation of Peter, which means stone in Hausa.

#65. Aamadu

From the Arabic name Ahmad, this name means praiseworthy.

#66. Efe

An Urhobo name that translates to wealth.

#67. Dawit

This is the Amharic form of the name David

#68. Ebrima

A name from West Africa that stands for father of many.

#69. Eliud

In Latin, this Biblical name means God’s grandeur.

#70. Moti

From the Oromo tribe, this name means leader.

#71. Obi

In Igbo, this name translates to heart.

#72. Tafari

In Amharic, this name stands for he who inspires.

#73. Chucks

This name means gold in Igbo.

#74. Mawuli

This Ewe name means God lives.

#75. Nyongesa

In Luhya, this name refers to someone born on a Saturday.

Traditional Black Boy Names


Let your baby’s name showcase your African culture and heritage with these traditional and often tongue-twisting black boy names.

#76. Akpofure

This black boy’s name in Urhobo means life is peaceful.

#77. Bongani

This is a traditional Zulu name that stands for thankful or being grateful.

#78. Chikondi

With Chewa origins, this name means love.

#79. Ejiro

Another name that has roots in the Urhobo people, Ehiro means praise.

#80. Inyene

This Ibibio name is synonymous with wealth.

#81. Idir

In Tamazight, Idir stands for alive.

#82. Dejen

In Amharic, Dejen translates to foundation.

#83. Isingoma

This Luganda name means first of twins.

#84. Kamotho

With its Kikuyu origins, this name stands for the left-handed one.

#85. Kojo

This Akan name means the one born on a Monday.

#86. Daudi

This name means beloved and has Swahili origins.

#87. Tendai

Tracing its roots to Zimbabwe, this name means thankful.

#88. Ousmane

In Hausa, this name stands for the servant of God.

#89. Biko

With its Yoruba and Nigerian origins, Biko means gift.

#90. Nkosi

This name means king in South Africa.

#91. Sefu

In Swahili, Sefu means sword.

#92. Ifeanyichukwu

This name means nothing is impossible with God and it can be traced back to the Igbos.

#93. Thabo

In Sotho, this name means joy.

#94. Jengo

In Swahili, this means building.

#95. Wandile

From South Africa, this name means you have increased.

A Few Parting Words

Black boy names denote character and strength while honoring different minorities in history across the world. What you name your child will influence the way he sees himself so choose carefully. You may opt for a religious name like Isaac or a traditional African name like Abidemi. Regardless of your preferences, black boy names are beautiful and distinctive.

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