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15 Unique 3rd Birthday Party Ideas for Your Little One

“You’re one special little person with two cute little cheeks. Now you’re three years old, which is 156 weeks. Happy 3rd birthday!”

All parents want to celebrate their children’s milestones and birthdays. Thanks to many online inspirations, you can come up with a creative and unique celebration for your three-year-old. Here are some 3rd birthday party ideas you can consider as your little one continues to develop and becomes more active.

15 3rd Birthday Party Ideas

#1. Young, Wild, and Three-Party Idea


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A jungle or safari-themed birthday is perfect if your toddler loves animals. You can use different stuffed animals to decorate your home and later hand them out as souvenirs for your little guests. This is one of the easiest party ideas because you have zero limitations on which animals you can use. You can even narrow it down to sea creatures, birds, and other types of animals.

This party idea works well for boys and girls. It’s just a matter of creativity and presentation.

#2. Three-Fiesta Get Together Idea

Three Fiesta

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Host a mini fiesta in honor of your child’s 3rd birthday. This can loosely be based on your own traditional fiestas. You can decorate your venue with banderitas and papel picados and serve kid-friendly Mexican specialties. Have several piñatas ready for the kids to smash and watch them grab candies, gifts, and toys.

#3. Doo-doo-doo Baby Shark Party Idea

Baby Shark

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Get the sharks together with a colorful baby shark third birthday party celebration. You can highlight the song’s main characters and incorporate an underwater theme for the rest of the party. Make sure you play the official Baby Shark video and have all the attendees dance and have fun to their hearts’ content.

A dessert table will be a sure hit among the youngsters. Serve shark-topped cupcakes, an octopus cake, and starfish cookies. Complement them with blue lemonade topped with small cocktail umbrellas.

#4. Dino Three Rex Party Idea

Three Rex

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Most three-year-old boys love dinosaurs so get the party rawr-ring by having a dino-themed party. There are plenty of dinosaur-themed balloons that you can readily purchase and inflate.

Make it informative by adding exciting facts about dinosaurs. Set up a sandbox for the boys and hide treats they can excavate.

#5. Aloha Luau Party Idea


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Whether you’re pushing for a Moana-inspired theme or a traditional Hawaiian luau, this is the perfect third-birthday theme for summer festivities. Let the little one wear a grass skirt. Decorate your backyard with flamingos and balloons in orange and hot pink colors. Let the little ones enjoy their pineapples. Invite everyone to wear a lei.

Bring the summer fun to your child’s birthday by serving Jell-o beach cups, carrot raisin salad cups, Hawaiian pizza, fruit skewers, and aloha burgers.

#6. Candyland Party Idea


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Indulge the birthday celebrant and their friends with a sugar rush. Make the day sweeter with a Candyland party theme. Have plenty of treats available and decorate your area with loud and vibrant balloons. Cake pops, cupcakes, and scoops of ice cream will boost the children’s energy—much to their parents’ dismay after the party.

#7. 3 Thang Birthday Idea

3 Thang

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A ’90s old-school hip-hop party is one of the coolest ways to celebrate your child’s third birthday celebration. With a color scheme of black, white, and gold, you can party old school with your three-year-old. This is also a neutral-gender party as you can add pops of pink or blue depending on your child’s gender.

Even the food can be cool and chill with chicken poppers and gravy, quesadillas, baked mac, and chocolate cream cupcakes—all-time kids’ favorites. This is one way to show your child how cool it was to have been a 90s kid while giving parents a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

#8. Threenage Katy Perry Party Idea


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Having a Katy-themed 3rd birthday party gives you plenty of choices because you can base it on different Katy Perry songs. The musician is known for her vibrant and colorful tastes so create an explosion of colors. Include everything that inspires happiness from rainbows to sprinkles, jellybeans, and lollipops.

All you have to do is take inspiration from Katy Perry and how she dresses up in her hit songs. Sure, some of her songs are censored and not for three-year-olds, but she has a lot of whimsical songs that are suitable for kids like “Roar,” “Firework,” and “Hot ‘n Cold.”

#9. Blast Off Mission 3 Party Idea

Blast Off

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A space-themed birthday party will be a blast for your little one. You can transform your party venue into an intergalactic space area complete with stars, planets, aliens, and rockets. Bring in some silver and metallic balloons set against a black background.

This is one of the parties to set up. Let the birthday celebrant party in an astronaut costume. Get the kids to play space-themed games like a solar scavenger hunt and reward everyone’s efforts with lots of pop rocks candy.

#10. Par-Three Animal Birthday Idea

Par Three

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Like the wild, young, and three, this is another concept you can consider if your little one loves animals and the outdoors. There are plenty of animal balloons that you can purchase. You can even create a giraffe, zebra, monkey, lion, or elephant theme.

This gender-neutral party idea is less stressful to organize because there are plenty of available party materials in the market. Make it more memorable by distributing stuffed animal tails that the little ones can wear during the party and bring home afterward.

#11. Unicorn 3rd Birthday Party Idea


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Almost all girls love magical unicorns at one point in their young lives. The good thing about a unicorn-themed party is you can incorporate anything pastel and dreamy. This is one of the most common birthday themes for girls, so you can be sure you’ll have enough ready-made party favors, plates, and cups that follow the theme.

Let your guests play “Pin the Unicorn’s Horn.” Similar to “Pin the Tail on the Donkey,” partygoers are blindfolded and take turns trying to pin the horn on a picture of a unicorn that has been posted on a wall. Whoever places the unicorn closest to where it should be wins.

#12. Speed Birthday Idea


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Your energetic three-year-old will enjoy a car-themed birthday party. Transform your venue into a race track or a boy’s dream car show by having plenty of cars, tires, and stoplights. Lightning McQueen is the most accessible and evident character generally used for this theme, so bring in plenty of red flags and road signs to decorate your area.

#13. Squishmallow 3rd Birthday Party Idea


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A pastel, warm, and fuzzy birthday party for your little girl, this squishmallow party theme will have your guests saying “Aww!” with every cute squishmallow character you use to decorate the place. Make it extra adorable by incorporating some pastel-colored balloons. Mark the occasion by asking all your little guests to adopt one squishmallow by the end of the party.

#14. Purr-fect Three Kitty Cat Birthday Party Idea


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Make the perfect meow-mories with your precious child with an all-cats birthday party. From The Aristocats, Felix the Cat, Tigger, and Hello Kitty, you have the flexibility to make your party based on your little one’s favorite characters.

You can keep tummies happy by serving some kitty sandwiches, paw print cookies, kitty rice cakes, and different variations of milk. By the end of the celebration, everyone will be purring with satisfaction.

#15. Rookie of the Year Baseball Party Idea


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Set up a huge birthday concessionaire stand in your backyard or your local park so guests can indulge in hotdog sandwiches, nachos, popcorn, lollipops, and peanuts. If you can, secure an indoor venue so you don’t need to worry about being sunburned. Another option is to schedule it mid-afternoon so you don’t have to contend with the full heat of the sun.

Have your baseball party while playing games, and let everyone come wearing their baseball shirts and caps. Make sure to give everyone a bar of Baby Ruth as a birthday treat.

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